1. Registrations & Incorporation:
  2. Intellectual Rights: Patent & Trademarks:
  3. ISO Certification:
  4. Business Agreements:

Legal Services: For all kind of clients

We offer the entire gamut of Legal Services which an organization or entrepreneur would require at any stage. We are associated with very reputable legal firms and we provide very good quality legal assistance and services. The services include:

  • Registrations
  • Company Registration & Incorporation: For new entrepreneurs or any business turning into a company, registration is very essential. We help you and ensure hassle free registration. Incorporation of an organization legally with government is very essential as it is the first step towards identity creation. As a part of Fun Buy’s Consulting Services, Incorporation Services are offered to every client of ours’ who is on the verge of beginning an endeavor
  1. NGO-Registration: NGOs have different (Society-Trust) Registration requirements and paperwork. Our legal services undertake this registration for you to ensure that you need not worry about the tedious and time-consuming process, and its nitty-gritty.
  2. Club-Registration: For organizations needing club registration, we do the needful to complete the formalities and ensure a smooth and hassle free registration process.

  • Intellectual Rights including Patent and Trademarks
  1. Patent: Patents are essential in today’s competitive world as they provide a safety envelope to protect and safeguard the unique ideas which your organization comes up with. As an entrepreneur you may not be able to identify what all can you patent or you may not either the time or the resources to apply for a patent and follow up through the lengthy process. Our legal services ensure that all that can be patented get patented!
  2. Trademarks: Trademarks are essential to protect businesses from competitors. We recognize that and our legal services include trademarks.

  • ISO Certification: Certification of quality is extremely important for any organization to grow and achieve customer satisfaction. ISO certifications have a very high value in the market, but involve a lot of detailing, formalities and processes to be handled by someone who knows them very well. As a part of our legal services, we help our clients get ISO certified and handle all the requisite formalities for them through the entire process of certification.
  • Business Agreements: Business Agreements need to be drafted with care and craft as every word in the agreement plays a vital role. We understand the importance of Business Agreements. We are also aware that a host of Business Agreements have to be drafted at short spans of time, keeping in mind the different needs of clients. We have the expertise and wherewithal to customize Business Agreements for the varied requirements of our clients, and we offer the same at every level of business.