Business 360 provides in order to retain a competitive edge in the marketplace, enterprises find themselves constantly trying to optimize their business processes’ execution.

Business processes gather, distribute, analyze, and integrate data into the strategic decision making processing of the company. Business process automation (BPA) enhances business process management as a whole, resulting in quick ROI from significant time, cost, and resource savings. The result is quantifiable—directly affecting the bottom line.

Automation Anywhere is used by thousands of customers to automate a plethora of business processes, whether it be data gathering, invoice processing, account provisioning, reporting or custom application processes. The Workflow Designer feature provides a visual for users to logically plan and execute complex workflows simply. The no-programming-required, drag and drop interface allows users to quickly define and automate business processes. Furthermore, Automation Anywhere also permits remote deployment of automated business processes allowing users to streamline their processes across a network.