Tamilnadu is among a few select cities famous throughout the country for its scrumptious food and nightlife. The presence of elite and food-loving crowd in chennai is one of the factors for proliferation of pubs, nightclubs, restaurants and hotels in the city; and there is no end to it. What attracts majority of the guests to these places is different brands of liquors that they serve.

While serving liquor may drive the business of a restaurant/ hotel, it is important to understand that it requires certain mandatory government approval and license permit as per laws. This article covers which are the licenses required to serve alcohol in hotels and restaurants and how they can be obtained.

FL2-Licence for possession of liquor by a non-proprietary club for supply to Members

FL3-Licence for possession of liquor by the Star Hotels for supply to foreign tourists and foreigners resident in India holding personal permits and also citizens of India holding personal permits for consumption within the licensed ;room of the Hotel or for renewal to their private rooms in the same Hotel in which they stay for consumption.