Our Business 360 revolves round delivering the most effective, customised and target- oriented solutions to our clients. This is what justifies our name Business 360, an organisation that thinks and acts on behalf of the brand that it works for.

Benefits of In-Movie Branding & Advertising

Branding Break through the media clutter.
Build awareness.
Soft-sell through positive association.
Celebrity association = implied endorsement.
Wider reach.
Cost efficiency.

Promotional tie-in opportunities

The benefits of product placement can go well beyond on-screen exposure. You can promote the association with a Movie by generating internal and external promotional campaigns keyed to that movie. In-Movie branding inside commercial Movies is a highly cost-effective way to gain huge exposure and visibility at a fraction of the traditional advertising costs

If you are a corporate looking for branding & advertising through feature & short Movies, we can identify you the best possible options available from kollywood & regionals Movies in India

We are constantly trying to evolve cutting-edge solutions & strategies for our clients and offering them great value addition from time to time.